Museums Night



Hightlights of the night
From 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm, games, circus shows, guided visits, temporary artsworks, films, workshops for children, soup, tea and hot wine tasting…
The folliwing museums take part to the event:

-Musée Gruérien, Bulle
– Electrobroc, Broc
– Maison Cailler, Broc
– Musée de Charmey
– Espace Ballon, Château d’Oex
– HR Giger Museum, Gruyères
– Gruyères Castle
– Tibet Museum, Gruyères
– Cantorama, Jaun
– Musée du Papier Peint, Mézières
– Maison du Gruyère, Pringy
– Museum der Landschaft, Saanen



11nov17:00- 23:00Les musées font des histoiresNuit des MuséesMuseum’s NightMuseums Nacht

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Opening hours
From 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm

Place des Alpes 26
Case postale 593
1630 Bulle
Phone +41 (0)848 424 424
Fax +41 (0)26 919 85 01


The Cantorama presents the extraordinary richness of choral works from the Canton of Fribourg. A video film shows its interesting evolution. This old church with its astounding acoustics frequently hosts concerts of all kinds of music.

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Opening hours
Mid-June through mid-October, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm
special opening times for groups on request

1656 Jaun
Tel.+4126 929 85 72 / +4126 929 81 81

Château de Gruyères

Gruyères Castle houses prestigious collections that bear witness to its long and rich history. The treasures to be found within its walls include the capes of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the intricate stained-glass windows dating from the Middle Ages; the frescoes commissioned by the bailiffs under the Ancien Régime; paintings by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot; and the decorations of the Knight’s Hall. From its ramparts to its French-style gardens, from the guard room to its romantic salons, Gruyères Castle takes you on an adventure through eight centuries of art, history and legends.



11nov17:00- 23:00Nuit des Musées - Château de GruyèresAnimations,Nuit des MuséesFamily activities,Museum’s NightAnimationen,Museums Nacht,Programm für Familien

25nov - 14jannov 2510:00jan 14Le Temps de Noël en AppenzellActivité famille,Exposition

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Tel: +4126 921 21 02
Fax: +4126 921 38 02

Opening hours
Open every day
April through October: 9am to 6pm
November through March: 10am – 5pm

Entrance fees
Adults : CHF 12.00; senior citizens / students: CHF 8.00;
groups (15 and more): CHF 8.00; children (from 6 to 15 years): CHF 4.00; classes (with teacher): free.


The goal of our information center about energy is to provide you with a fun and educational experience. How is electricity generated? Which are the new renewable energy sources? How can you save electricity? You will find answers to these questions and many more in Electrobroc. Our guides encourage discussion while tailoring their approach depending on your knowledge level and interests. As part of the tour, you will safely enter a hydroelectric power plant in operation and experience the magic of electricity thanks to a unique demonstration of very high voltage effects (250,000 volts).



4nov14:00- 15:30Visite individuelle gratuiteVisite commentéeGuided tourGeführte Besichtigung

18nov14:00- 15:30Visite individuelle gratuiteVisite commentéeGuided tourGeführte Besichtigung


2dec14:00- 15:30Visite individuelle gratuiteVisite commentéeGuided tourGeführte Besichtigung

16dec14:00- 15:30Visite individuelle gratuiteVisite commentéeGuided tourGeführte Besichtigung

Opening hours
From February to December, Monday through Saturday except on public holidays
On reservation, groups of 10 and more participants

Entrance fee
Guided tour, free of charge (length: about 1.5 hours)

Route du Lac 1
1636 Broc

+4126 352 65 00 (outside Switzerland)
0840 40 40 30 (Switzerland)

Espace ballon

The hot air balloon museum enables you to experience the magic of ballooning in all its different aspects. From Icarus to Piccard, allow yourself to be wafted away, and follow the history of lighter-than-air travel thanks to an interactive and entertaining approach.


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Opening hours:

14h00 – 17h00

Lundi : Fermé

Novembre : Fermeture annuelle

Espace Ballon
Chemin des Ballons 2
1660 Château-d’Oex

+41 78 723 78 33

La Maison du Gruyère
Demonstration cheese-dairy

“Gruyere AOC: a journey to the heart of the senses”, the exhibition where you will be able to discover all the secrets of “Gruyère AOC” cheese-making. Cheese is made 3 to 4 times a day. As the visitors watch, the master cheese-maker produces up to 48 wheels of Gruyère AOC every day. The dairy is equipped with 4 X 4800 liter vats and a cellar where 7’000 cheeses can ripen.


No event for the moment

Opening hours
Daily, from June through September from 9am to 6.30pm
from October through May from 9am to 6pm

La Maison du Gruyère
Pl. de la Gare 3
CH-1663 Pringy-Gruyères
Tél. +4126 921 84 00
Fax +4126 921 84 01

Maison Cailler
The Swiss Chocolate Factory

Imagine a place where all your senses can be immersed in the wonderful world of Cailler chocolate; your eyes discover mysterious Aztec cocoa ceremonies; your hands hold roasted cocoa beans and your nose follows the wafting smell of fresh chocolate whilst you discover the different production stages of the Cailler branches; and finally taste, since what would Cailler chocolate be if it didn’t find its way to your mouth, where it caresses your taste buds with the fabulous flavours of the best cocoa, milk from the region, and other delicious ingredients.


No event for the moment

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Opening hours
7 days a week
(except 25.12. & 1.1.)
A visit takes around 1h00 to 1h30.

Rue Jules Bellet 7
1636 Broc
Tél. +41 (0)26 921 59 60

Musée du Vieux Pays-d’Enhaut

With its collection of craft work and objects used in daily life, our museum offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of bygone days. The highlight of the visit is, without doubt, the wonderful collection of antique papercuts. This art has become typical of the Pays-d’Enhaut.


No event for the moment

Opening hourss
From Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm to 5pm
(November: annual closure)

Musée du Vieux Pays-d’Enhaut
Grand Rue 107
1660 Château-d’Oex
+4126 924 65 20

Musée HR Giger

HR Giger became an internationally renown artist through his biomechanical art and the creation of Alien, which earned him an Oscar in 1980. His museum showcases a variety of his most important creations, reflecting his mythical-magical universe.

The adjacent Giger Bar with its gothic arches represents one of the artist’s most beautiful works of art – its features and furnishings evoke the appearance of stone relicts in old cathedrals… and exert a mesmerizing effect on its visitors.


No event for the moment

Opening hours
April through October: every day from 10am to 6pm
November through March: Wednesday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm, closed on Mondays and Thuesdays

Château St. Germain
1663 Gruyères
Tel.: +4126 921 22 00
Fax: +4126 921 22 11

Musée gruérien
Meet the authentic Gruyère


Today’s window on regional heritage, the museum sets the pace of the region’s cultural events as it stages temporary exhibitions, displays rich collections of folk art and farm interiors (restored from rural dwellings and an Alpine cheese dairy), and presents amazing animated models (town of Bulle in 1722, 1912 and 2002).



2sep - 15aprsep 210:00apr 15Du relief dans la photographie

23sep - 26novsep 2310:00nov 26"tradifri

27oct - 5novoct 2710:00nov 5La Gruyère en 3DActivité famille

11nov17:00- 23:00Nuit des Musées en GruyèreNuit des Musées

25nov10:00- 11:30Samedi ça te dit? Crèche en papier pour NoêlAtelier

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16dec - 15aprdec 1610:00apr 15Nova vida Brésil-PortugalExposition

18dec16:30- 17:30Nova vida parler de migration avec les élèvesVisite commentée

27dec14:30- 15:30Histoires du mercredi. Dans l’ambiance de Noël !Animations


17jan18:30- 21:00Nova vida soirée portugaise au muséeAnimations

24jan16:30- 18:00Du relief dans la photograghieVisite commentée

27jan - 15aprjan 2710:00apr 15Bien plus qu’une Histoire de livres !Exposition

28jan13:30- 17:00Entrée gratuite au Musée gruérien

31jan - 28marjan 3118:30mar 28Le Musée gruérien fête son 100e avec vous !Visite commentée


25feb13:30Entrée gratuite au Musée gruérien

More information
Parcours historique:

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday:
10 to 12 a.m. and 1.30 to 5 p.m.
(From june to september, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m)
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m
Sundays and public holidays :
1.30 to 5 p.m.
Closed on Monday.

Musée gruérien, Bulle
Rue de la Condémine 25
Case postale 204
1630, Bulle 1 (Suisse)
Tél. +41 26 916 10 10

Musée du papier peint

The Museum of the Wallpaper in the Mezieres Castle exhibits an impressive collection of 18th and 19th century wall coverings produced by the most famous English and French manufacturers.

The castle features 12 rooms, including a boudoir and a maid chamber, which are fashioned with wall coverings unique in Switzerland and very rare internationally.



22apr - 1novAll DayVerre à Vivre - exposition temporaire

Opening hours
April through October: Thursday through Sunday from 1.30pm to 5pm
November through March: Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm to 5pm

Musée du papier peint
Rue de l’Église 12
CP 18
1684 Mézières

tél. +41 26 652 06 90

Musée de Charmey

The Musée de Charmey aims to promote the understanding of the Jogne Valley’s identity. It organizes exhibitions favoring decorative arts as well as two particular materials: wood and paper (since 1993 with the International Paper Triennial).


No event for the moment

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
Sunday from 2pm to 5pm

Musée Charmey
Case postale 5
CH-1637 Charmey
Tél: +4126 927 55 87
Fax: +4126 927 55 88

Museum of the Saanen countryside

The inhabitants of Saanen are proud of their remarkable economic and cultural history. The subjects of the counts of Gruyère and thirsty for liberty, those huntsmen, peasants, and woodcutters of the past have become ski teachers, mountain guides, hotel owners, and contractors. The wealth of cultural assets created over the past three centuries is a tribute to the variety of activities of the people of the Saanenland.


No event for the moment

Opening hours
From mid-May through mid-October and from mid-December through Easter, Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 5pm

Museum der Landschaft Saanen
CH-3792 Saanen
T. +4133 744 79 88
F. +4133 744 79 89

Vitromusée Romont

Swiss museum of stained glass and glass art
The splendid collection of stained glass and reverse paintings on glass displayed in the lovely old castle of Romont is unequalled anywhere in the world. Temporary exhibitions, a workshop and a children’s atelier complete the Museum’s attractions.



23apr - 1novapr 2300:00nov 1- 00:00Verre à vivre - exposition temporaireExpositionExhibitionAusstellung

Vitromusée Romont
Au Château
CH – 1680 Romont
T +4126 652 10 95
F +4126 652 49 17

Tibet Museum Alain Bordier Foundation

In April 2009, the Alain Bordier Foundation inaugurated the Tibet Museum right in the heart of medieval Gruyères. Its permanent exhibition encompasses a remarkable collection of buddhist sculptures, paintings and ritual objects. Some of these originate from Tibet’s neighboring regions such as Nepal, Kashmir, North India or Burma. This exhibition of extraordinary beauty can be discovered and contemplated within the walls of a restaured chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph.



23oct - 4novAll DayExposition Line Dutoit Choffet - CéramisteExpositionExhibitionAusstellung

11nov17:00- 23:00Nuit des musées - Les Musées font des histoiresNuit des MuséesMuseum’s NightMuseums Nacht

Opening hours

Easter to October :
Daily from 11am to 6pm

November to Easter :
Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6 pm
Monday closed

Rue du Château 4
1663 Gruyères (Suisse)
Tél. +41 26 921 30 10



La Gruyère, un pays de coeur